Jana Zachariou is a Czech born landscape and nature photographer living on Salt Spring Island in southern British Columbia. After having lived in various locations around the world, she chose to call Canada her home. Jana resided for more than 20 years in eastern Canada before she sold her family business and settled on the beautiful West Coast. That was the beginning of Jana’s endless love affair with a camera.  Her first real interaction with photography actually started in front of the lens as a fashion model in the mid 80’s. Jana, however, found her true calling on the other side of the lens and her knowledge of photography is entirely self taught. This informal training enabled her to develop a unique style that makes her images very recognizable.  Photography opened a door to an aberrant way of seeing and appreciating the world around her. Jana’s ability to capture inspiring imagery came about, in part, because of the abundance of natural scenery that surrounds her on the West Coast.  The visual drama and artistry of her photographs are born of a keen eye for the many moods of the natural world.  Jana’s works have been exhibited locally during the Eclectic Visions show at Gallery 8 and at the ArtSpring Gallery.






As long as I can remember, I have been drawn to the abundance of the natural world. I believe that experiencing the everpresent beauty around us unifies people, both on a personal and global level. For me, photography became the medium to collect experiences and memories. My favourite images include the rich and vibrant colours of dawn and dusk when the natural light is at its best. In most of my landscape photos I use ND filters which enable me to capture the special moments at the picture taking stage, rather than relying on digital enhancements afterwards. My double exposure images offer an alternative camera technique through which I am able to create art that otherwise would only be possible through painting or digital manipulation. While I appreciate the real world around me, I try to reach beyond and achieve a sense of freedom by exploring ICM (Intentional Camera Movement). This technique allows me to blend colours and lines, to look beyond the obvious image and produce new colour combinations and unusual variations of the natural world. My goal as a photographer is to be true to who I am, and my desire is to create photographs that will draw the viewer to the images. Thank you for taking this journey with me today. Enjoy the view!