DIY rope wrapped planter project


Beautify Your Home With a Simple Decorating Project 

Thinking about selling your home? Has it been on the market for a long time with no bites?  Some of the things are out of your control such as the market conditions, your home’s location or the price. However, one thing that you can control is how buyers feel when they enter your home.  Ideally, you will try to create a space where buyers can envision themselves living there.  

Many homes lack the accessories to give you that elegant and stylish feel. There are affordable ways to accessorize your home while staying within your budget.  One of my favourite ways of making any place feel more like a home is to incorporate a bit of nature into the space.  I try to infuse that coastal vibe throughout when decorating since we do live on the West Coast dominated by ocean.  

Lately, I have been passionate about creating these trendy, rope-wrapped planters. They fit all the different interior styles and have that earthy, modern feel I am looking for when staging.  Here’s what you’ll need for this easy project:



  –  some rope – I used 3/8” sisal rope

  –  glue gun with glue sticks

  –  container

  –  scissors

  –  optional decoration 


I used an empty tin can (upcycling at its finest) which was the perfect size that I needed for one of the small plant’s I already had at home.  Who says you need to use a tin can container? Old chipped pottery,  plastic bottles, and clay pots can also be used for this project.  Your possibilities are endless. I’ll bet if you check your recycling bin you will find some perfect containers. 


DIY rope wrapped planter materials


Firstly, just add the glue directly to your container in small segments and keep wrapping the rope around. Secondly, press the rope firmly on top of the glue and hold it just long enough for it to dry.  If you run out of rope and need to start a new one, just cut the ends at an angle and press together with a small amount of hot glue. Thirdly, keep going until you reach the very top of your container and cut the excess rope before securing it in place with glue.


Lastly, for that extra touch I added few natural elements such as a piece of natural moss, pinecone, dried natural poppy heads.  Get creative and check out your own backyard…I found lots of little treasures there. That’s it! The cost of creating one planter is under $3. This doesn’t include the plant. If you don’t have small plants kicking around your home, succulents are very affordable option and what I like about them is that they are very easy to maintain.  This is a very easy project that can be finished under one hour and will add that extra stylish feel to your home.



Why not add these simple plant containers in place of your personal items? Often I hear from homeowners that once they have decluttered their homes to get them ready to sell, their home feels empty.  Small plants offer the chance to dress up the interior of your home in a subtle way. Adding small containers to a table or countertop can be the ideal way to finish off the look.  

Now I am looking around and wondering what else can be covered….frames, mirrors, lamps …the list goes on.

Happy staging!

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