A simple Real Estate slideshow is the easiest and, next to photography, the most popular way to promote any of your listed properties. Most of the so-called “real estate videos” are actually videos of all the photographs taken for the real estate listing. I enjoy making these slideshows as they require some creativity.  I am creating a story.  Simply throwing the chosen photos on a timeline does not make a good slideshow. 


Real Estate in the 21st century relies heavily on visual content which can emphasize the important features of the property. Each slideshow highlights the information in an easy and informative manner which helps with your marketing strategy.  



Today, the latest marketing weapon in real estate is the use of drone photography, video tours and 3D tours in online marketing for listings.  There are still certain kinds of views that a flying camera is not well suited for such as homes surrounded by trees and what about those fixer-upper homes that would not show well from above.  Not every property is a million-dollar luxury listing that requires the use of the latest technology.  


The other issue with the latest technology is that most of the clients in the market that I am servicing are not people in their 20’s.  They’re more likely to be retirees in their 60’s!  The older generation finds these high tech 3D video-game style simulation very confusing and still prefers simple, old fashioned photography.  I believe that there is and always will be a place for the standard fixed position shots.  A good quality zoom lens will show the true size of each room in comparison to many of the 360 degree view video tours that blow dimensions completely out of proportion. 


I strongly feel that for certain homes a simple real estate slideshow is a perfect marketing tool.  Providing a floor plan of the home can help the buyer get a much better feel regarding the technical dimensions and exact layout of the home.   Don’t get me wrong, I think that the use of drones and 3D virtual tours are wonderful for large luxury homes that are spacious enough and can accommodate such technology. 


Below are just some samples of the latest slideshows I have done for a local Salt Spring Realtor, Rob Irving, from Pemberton Holmes. You can check out his latest listings here.


Always remember, when viewing any listing online you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression…..



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