Welcome and thanks for stopping by.  I’m JANA (y ah – n ah), Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada-based architectural and floral photographer, providing beautifully crafted modern images. My branding photography and content marketing creations help small business owners and entrepreneurs elevate their personal brands. During the warmer months, I also teach Creative Flower Photography Workshops at various gardens in Victoria. I am very artistic and professional.  


Now that I shared the professional stuff, let’s dive into some random fun stuff. Born and raised in the Czech Republic. Mom to 4 amazing sons. My favourite activity is a leisure walk through any of Victoria’s gardens.  I find a sense of peace while walking through them.  I have travelled to about 35 countries. My guilty pleasure is a tasty glass of red wine. I love watching documentaries and don’t like movies…I know weird.  Cabbage and eggplant are my favourite foods….I know weird.  My craziest idea probably was to move from a metropolitan city across the country to a small island. Other than that I am pretty normal.




MY OFFICIAL ARTIST BIO…..the serious one


JANA ZACHARIOU is a Czech-born photographer living in the southern part of British Columbia.  After having lived in various locations around the world, she chose to call Canada her home.  Eventually settling on the West Coast was the true beginning of Jana’s endless love affair with a camera. 

Her first real interaction with photography actually started in front of the lens as a fashion model in the mid-’80s. Jana, however, found her true calling on the other side of the lens and her knowledge of photography is entirely self-taught. This informal training enabled her to develop a unique style that makes her images very recognizable. Photography opened a door to an aberrant way of seeing and appreciating the world around her. Jana’s ability to capture inspiring imagery came about, in part, because of the abundance of natural scenery that surrounds her on the West Coast.  The visual drama and artistry of her photographs are born from a keen eye for the many moods of the natural world. 

Initially, her photography was focused on landscapes. In the past couple of years, Jana has shifted her focus and has successfully created a niche for herself in the photographic world of florals.  Rather than focusing on the technicalities involved in taking a photo, she explores photography with a mindfulness approach.  She loves creating and experimenting with textures in post-processing to make them come alive with an added layer of depth.  Jana’s hope is that when viewed, her dreamy floral images evoke a sense of emotion.



2015 – 2018  Eclectic Visions  – Gallery 8 – Salt Spring Island, BCsalt spring photographer

2016 – 2018 SSI Photography Club Lobby Show – ArtSpring – Salt Spring Island, BC

2016 – Fine Art Show – Ladysmith Waterfront Gallery – Ladysmith, BC

2016 – Fine Art Show – Ladysmith Waterfront Gallery – 3rd Place in the Photo/Digital category 

2017 –  SSNAP Parallel Art Show – Salt Spring Island, BC

2018 – Fine Art Show – Ladysmith Waterfront Gallery – Best Digital (non-manipulated) photography

2019 – Eclectic Visions – Gallery 8 – Salt Spring Island, BC

2019 – Photosynthesis – ArtSpring – Salt Spring Island, BC

2022 – Eclectic Visions – Gallery 8 – Salt Spring Island, BC